Thursday, 16 January 2014

Agent Android App makes Your Smartphone Faster

There are lots of very phony things our Smartphone do that sometimes puzzle us or better still amaze us. These things range from the way our phones beep when they become low in battery power, they way they vibrate or even the signals they emit while you are driving. Smartphone makers and designers at Egomotion have successfully designed an Android application which they called ‘Agent’.

The ‘Agent’ app has 5 main advantages. Firstly, when this application notices that the battery life of your Smartphone is going down, it would automatically disable some features such as Bluetooth, screen brightness or ringing volume. However, all previous settings would return to normal once the phone is plugged to a power source. 

Secondly, the sleep mode: The sleep mode allows your phone to only ring during emergencies which ultimately conserves the battery life of the phone.

Thirdly, the meetings mode enables your phone to be connected to your Google calendar and all scheduled meetings are synchronized such that when you are on a meeting engagement, the phone is automatically silenced throughout the day until you reset it. 

Fourthly, drivers can now worry less when they are on the road as ‘Agent’ uses Bluetooth to determine when you are driving. As you drive along on the road this application automatically turns on the drive mode of your phone and tells every caller that you are ‘on the wheels at the moment’ and that they can call back later. It also reads all your messages a load saving you the inconvenience of fiddling with your phone while driving. 

Lastly, when you park your car, ‘Agent’ remembers the position it is parked via a GPS platform that helps you locate your car where it is parked.

‘Agent’ at the moment is only available to android phone users and users of other android enabled devices. It can be purchased HERE  for a price of $1.99.

The Concept of Social Trading in Forex and Stocks On Etoro

Forex trading has become a very lucrative online income earning opportunity especially with the advent of myriads of electronic devices such as Smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, phablets and kindle fire. The principle of forex trading revolves round the tactical manipulation of currency value differences using a trading platform. Meta Trader 5 is the latest trading software platform used by most forex brokers including etoro.
One unique feature of etoro is that traders can copy one another’s trade and hence maximize their investments. This is known as social trading because it connects traders intimately and enables them to share their experiences on the platform. Social trading connects people emotionally via social media networks such as Facebook and twitter such that many more investors are attracted into this social investment network via tweets and invites from Facebook.
On etoro, stock market trading is a very unique feature available to would-be stock market investors. Stock market investors leverage on the advantage of having the ability to buy stocks of blue chip companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon and twitter just by the click of a buy or sell button. An investor can invest as low as $10 to purchase any stock of his or her choice on etoro! Ordinarily, $10 cannot buy a stock of such major blue chip companies; however, etoro has made a ‘walk around’----- a  pool of all the funds deposited by investors for a particular stock is gathered and executed at specific trading times. This trading strategy helps small investors own part of these companies at almost no cost!
Since some of the stocks are bought at prices lower than their actual value at the exchange, etoro has devised a means where these stocks are executed collectively in batches at specific times of a trading day which means that an investor has to wait for the transaction(either a buy or a sell) to be executed.  Note that, the final price value of a stock is determined by its price value at the time of execution and not the price value at the time the investor initiates the transaction.

                             Payment Methods and Withdrawal Requirements

The payment methods available at the etoro platform are credit card, PayPal, Skrill(formally money bookers), wire transfer and Neteller.
 For withdrawals to be processed there is a one-time identity verification where the investor has to provide an International passport and a credit card or Bank statement where details such as address, name and photograph are clearly visible. Withdrawals are usually processed within 24hrs in giving business day. Furthermore, a withdrawal fee of $5 is usually deducted from any withdrawal amount if you wish to withdraw via PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. Wire transfer withdrawal fees may vary depending on the amount and other bank charges which differ from one banking institution to the other.

Entropay---An Emerging e-Payment Processor

Entropay is one of the world’s leading e-payment processor where you can make and receive payments via a virtual credit card that you can create on your account on the entropay platform. The huge advantage this system confers on the user is that multiple prepaid virtual credit cards can be created and activated by loading or transferring a small amount of money  into each of the created cards and instantly, they become ‘active’ with the card number, expiry date and cvv all appearing instantly.

Funding entropay is very easy. Your entropay account can be funded either with a credit card or via your bank account. Funding with a credit card however, requires some verification process. Verification of the credit card you used in funding your entropay account requires any of the two steps listed below:

Photo verification is required where you hold up the card before a webcam and the details of the card are photographed to authenticate its validity and ensure that the use of such a card is not fraudulent.  

When photo verification fails, you can use the second method which involves the deduction of very small amounts of money from your credit card which you can use in completing the verification process once these amounts appear in your card statement.

However, if you wish to avoid all the verification processes associated with a credit card funding of your entropay account, you can opt for funding via your bank account and the money is transferred into your entropay account within two business days.

Entropay prepaid virtual credit cards can be used online to pay for services or make a purchase at online stores such as Amazon, Target, Bestbuy, Walmart  etc. This convenience of creating multiple credit cards means that there is a lot of flexibility in choosing the card you wish to use for a particular transaction. Interestingly, these prepaid virtual cards can be used to verify your PayPal and Skrill accounts conveniently and also receive payments directly into them.

                                  Important Notes on Entropay

Entropay accounts can be opened by anyone, 18years and above in any country except some countries that are labeled as high risk countries. An IP address change can help if your country of residence is banned.

In other to lift your account limits, you must verify your address and location by providing a photo ID, bank statement or a utility bill statement that states clearly your name and address as it appears on your entropay account information.

Very small percentage fees are charged for every fund movement into an entropay account or between the created virtual cards.

If you do not log into your account within a 30day period, you account would be dormant and you will need to reactivate it by sending a request to the support department who would send you a link for its reactivation.

Signing up on entropay is very easy. All you need to is to have an active email address and click HERE to get started.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Factors Affecting Google Page Ranking----- Site's User Interaction


                                   Site's User Interaction

Chrome Bookmarks: Since Google uses data collected from its browser, chrome, it then means that pages that get bookmarked on Google chrome has a greater chance of been ranked higher compared to others.

SSL Certificates: E-commerce sites with SSL certification ranks higher on Google search results. This is because sites with SSL certificates are more secure especially if it receives payments from clients or merchants which help in protecting the privacy of their payment platforms, credit cards or passwords.

Number of Comments: The greater the number of comments on a blog, the more it is indexed by Google. This also shows that there is a greater interaction among visitors and users which increases its relevancy.

Bounce Rate: SEO experts agree that an increased bounce rate on a site is an indication that its content is not very helpful to visitors. This can harm its search rankings among search engine bots.

Direct Traffic Effect: Google monitors a sites search engine performance via chrome. Thus, a site that receives lots of direct traffic would rank higher than those with very little direct traffic. Note that ‘direct traffic’ is an indication of a site’s popularity.

Blocked Pages: When there are several blocked pages on a particular site, it impacts negatively on content indexing and could prove that the site has a weak domain authority.

Returning Traffic: A site with returning visitors is an indication of relevant content. Google rank sites with a high number of returning traffic higher.

Data from Google Toolbar: Data such as page loading time, malware, broken links etc of a site can be collected by Google via its toolbar. Webmasters should therefore ensure that their sites load fast, devoid of malware and has very minimal broken links.

Organic CTR: The organic click through rate for a particular keyword or for all keywords boosts SERP and search result rankings by Google and other major search engines.

Factors Affecting Google Page Ranking----- Domain Factors

                                         Domain Factors

Domain Age: The age of your domain can have an appreciable impact on your domain rankings. In otherwords, the older a domain is, the more its search visibility by search engines on a particular niche.

Domain Registration Length: Domains registered for more than one year is an indication of domain legitimacy. Therefore, when a domain is registered for three, four years or beyond, it is then an indication that its contents are rich and valuable and the risk factor of it been a scam site is very low. So, webmasters wishing to rank high among search engines must ensure that their domains are registered for a considerable length of time of at least three years. 

Appearance of Keyword As First Word on your Domain: when your main keyword appear as the first word on your domain, then that would be a boost for it in search engines as it would rank higher compared to keywords that appear at the middle or at the end of a domain.

Private Whois Info: Sites with private whois information may portend some signs of concealment and can compromise its search visibility as Google may assume it to be a scam site or having some malicious intent.

A Domain’s History Analysis:  Google may reset your site’s history if it notices volatility in ownership or some other inconsistencies periodically. This reset can seriously compromise your site’s ranking as links pointing to your domain may be subverted.

EMD Effect: Exact match domain can positively or negatively affect your domain’s ranking. It the exact matched domain is a quality domain, then it would have a positive effect on your rankings. However, if it is from a low quality domain, your site may be hit by the continuously changing Google algorithm on EMDs.

Defaulting Whois Owner: If Google identifies that a certain site owner has been penalized previously, then it would scrutinize all other sites owned by that webmaster as it tries to identify if he is a spammer.

Country-TLD Extension: Having a top level domain extension for a particular country would boost your domain’s ranking for such a country. For instance country extensions such as .us, .uk, .ng, .za etc are unique country-TLD extensions.

Keyword Appearing in Sub-Domain: Keywords that appear in a sub-domain boosts ranking according to SEOMoz’s panel.