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Thursday, 23 April 2015

PayPal No Longer Support Payoneer US Bank Accounts

It is no longer possible for a Payoneer account holder to use the United States bank account linked to a Payoneer account to withdraw PayPal funds. This is certainly a big loss to those individuals or corporate bodies in countries not supported by PayPal of where PayPal withdrawal option to a bank account is not available. PayPal account owners who have enjoyed this service offered by Payoneer and which have eased the stress of getting PayPal funds are now in a dilemma as to which service can best satisfy their need especially when they use PayPal services in receiving funds.

One major reason why PayPal discontinued the use of Payoneer bank accounts for funds withdrawal may be due to the fraudulent activities perpetrated by users which are against the terms and conditions or policies of PayPal. This ban did not come to many as a surprise because PayPal have been known to have zero tolerance on activities inimical to its integrity and the repute it has gained over the years as a payment processor. PayPal advises that individuals can still open a US bank account directly with a US bank and withdraw PayPal funds with it.

Payoneer ban by PayPal?----Alternatives Available for PayPal funds withdrawal:
Since the slamming of restrictions on the use of Payoneer bank accounts for withdrawing PayPal funds, many individuals have been looking for alternatives to navigate through this restriction and get their funds directly into their bank account. There may just be a walk around!

Firstly, you can use Onlinenaira where you can apply for a PES(personal email service) that gives you a personalized PayPal email where you can receive your PayPal funds from merchants and clients. Though there are applicable fees when you receive your funds in to your PES that offsets logistics, it is still of great benefit especially when you do not have a means of getting your funds into your bank account in your home country. Onlinenaira helps deposit the received PayPal funds into a bank account of your choice anywhere in the world.

Secondly, you can sign up to Netspend and get your own US bank account. PayPal supports Netspend bank account. However, you must be a resident in the United States and have a social security number before your Netspend card and account is approved, sent to you and activated. So this may not be very convenient for people residing outside the United States except you have a trusted friend who can help you with the process.

Thirdly, you can receive your PayPal funds through a trusted friend or a relation residing in a country supported by PayPal for funds withdrawal. In this case he or she can withdraw the available funds in his or her PayPal account to a bank account and re-send the money to you via other means such as western union or International bank transfer after it has been cashed. However, you must be sure you trust this individual to a very high degree!

Lastly, you may wish to buy products online in online stores that accepts PayPal payments if your PayPal account does not have the feature of funds withdrawal. There are lots of online stores across the US and Europe that accepts PayPal where you can make payments and purchase goods or services using the ‘send money’ feature in your PayPal account.

Types of Protein and Their Functions

Proteins are generally grouped into two broad groups: There are the globular proteins and the fibrous proteins which can all be found in both animal and plant tissues and organs. The globular protein, an example of which is globulin, has its polypeptide chain in folded in a very tight spherical shape. They are usually very soluble in water and often go in to a colloidal suspension especially in blood plasma. They are also vital components of the cell membrane.

Globular proteins are very common in the formation of enzymes which are organic catalysts whose main function is to speed up organic reactions. It is interesting to note that enzyme functions are directly dependent on the molecular configuration of the protein structure that constitutes that particular enzyme. 

Fibrous protein on the other hand are insoluble and are made up of long and parallel polypeptide chains which are cross-linked at several points along their length. Examples of fibrous proteins include keratin found in hairs, hooves, nails, feathers and even the horns of animals. Fibrous protein is also found in elastin and in collagen and also as constituents of muscles.

One major characteristic of protein is that they are irreversible destroyed by heat. If the temperature directed at a protein exceeds 40degress centigrade, the protein becomes denatured. What happens here is that once the heat threshold is exceeded the molecular configuration and the shape of the protein become irreversibly altered even though the peptide linkages are still intact. This phenomenon is common especially among proteins whose efficiency depends on the shape of their molecular structure.

8 Best Android Applications For High School And College Students

Android phone users especially students can maximize the benefits of their phone by taking advantage of the numerous applications their phone can support in their academics and social life by helping them organize their schedules, access and share vital information among one another and also synchronize data within various electronic devices. Below is a full description of the major applications that are helpful to students, business executives and researchers who use android phones.

best back to school android apps for college students evernote 
1. Evernote: Evernote is a free application developed by Evernote Corporation. Since it is a multiplatform application, it helps the user in taking down notes, making a to-do-list, recording voices and taking photos. The user can equally synchronize the application with other devices; access your saved notes via a computer or tablet and share notes with friends. This device is also available on iphones and has become very useful to everyone and not just for students.

2.Wikidroid: Wikidroid was developed by Sirius applications limited. It helps you format all wikipedia articles so that it becomes very easy for the user to navigate through using his device. This application comes in very handy as students need to browse through wikipedia for solutions to assignments or for other research purposes. It is a free application.

3. Homework: This application helps the student to plan his homework and assignments properly either on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. You can schedule a timetable for yourself and do personal exercises while been timed. Homework application was developed by Klwinkle Corporation.

4. Math formulary: This application is very useful to students in remembering and memorizing mathematical science formulas. It has formulas in various branches of mathematics including trigonometry, algebra, calculus, geometry and arithmetic, logic and Analysis. The very unique advantage of this application is that it supports multiple languages and comes with graphical representation to help the student understand concepts more clearly.

5. This is a very helpful application in developing a student’s vocabulary and phonetics. It also comes with a widget for the word of the day, parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions and even audio pronunciation of words. Contents are updated daily but the free version comes with adverts while the premium upgrade can be purchased for just $3. was developed by LLC. 

best back to school android apps for college students amazon student 
6. Amazon student: You can use this application as a student to check out for prices of books, trade-in your old books, music, electronics and other gadgets and receive Amazon gift vouchers or card that you can use for online shopping at Amazon.

best back to school android apps for college students
7. Duolingo: Duolingo is an amazing application. A student wishing to learn a new language in school can use this application. Languages supported include French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. A visual image is given and the user is expected to match the image with the right type of word on display and translate the text to English. Duolingo is available at Google play store.

best back to school android apps for college students google translate

8.Google Translate: Google translate helps you translate words in over 70 languages that are supported. You can either translate a word or even a webpage. Users can also synchronize the translated words with other devices and save words or phrases he so desires. It can also be downloaded at Google play store