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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Easy Ways to Memorize The first 20 Elements of the Periodic Table Offhand

Science students in high school and colleges often find it a bit difficult to memorize the first 20 elements of the periodic table and this has posed some challenge in school especially during examinations or some kind of academic work that involves the use of any of the 20 elements of the periodic table either in determining their atomic number, mass number or reactivity. 

These first 20 elements of the periodic table run across all the 8 groups in the table starting from the group on element down to the group eight elements or what is generally known as the inert gases or rare gases.

It is very pertinent that every science student at least at the ordinary level stage understand how the elements in the periodic table are groped and arranged in periods and groups and what properties inform the groupings of these elements. I have since learnt that importance of the first 20 elements in scientific study and exploits and have devised a methodology of memorizing these first 20 elements without must task to my brain power!

You too can easily memorize these first 20 elements of the periodic table by just reeling out this poem whose words are subtle reminders of the first letters of the first 20 elements.

Now here we go…

He(H) has(He) light(Li) brain(Be) but(Bo) could(C) not(N) offer(O) full(Fl) nine(Ne) subjects(Sodium, NA). Many(Mg) art(Al) students(S) pose(P) some(Si) complain(Cl) about(Ar) passing(potassium, K) chemistry(Ca)

So from the poem above, The first 20 elements of the periodic table are:





















Netspend Is A Trusted Payoneer Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative payment processor or a credit card to make and receive payments then you are rest assured that Netspend is the ideal partner that would guarantee your interests when it comes to payment processing on the internet and across ATM terminals across the globe.

There are so many advantages of Netspends which makes it an alternative to The already known Payoneer both of which are US based companies involved in issuing credit cards and US bank accounts to account holders that have signed up to their platform. 

Signing up to Netspend does not require any hassles and unnecessary formalities. All you need is a US residential address where your card would be sent and once you receive the card, you just activate it online by logging into your online account with your created username and password.

Unlike Payoneer that accepts individuals from all over the world, Netspend only accepts residents of the United States who carry out online financial transactions with their credit cards. Interestingly, you can also use your Netspend account to get a US bank account with a routing number to receive payments from channels across the US and from US based companies with very minimal processing fees.

Verification of a PayPal account is very easy with Netspend. You can easily verify your PayPal account and receive PayPal funds into your US bank account on Netspend with the Bank account details and the routing number provided to you once you sign up and your account approved. 

However, you cannot use the bank account on Netspend to make payments from your PayPal account since it is designed to only receive funds from PayPal so that you can easily cash it any ATM terminals anywhere visa or master card is accepted.

netspend cardsnetspend cards

Other benefits of Netspend are that you can receive checks to your account from companies and government institutions and use your Netspend account to set up a recurring bills payment process with ease. Purchases and payments can be made with your Netspend card once it arrives, activated and funded at POS terminals, online credit card terminals that accept either the master cared or the Visa card.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

7 Reasons Why You should Choose Blogger Platform Over Wordpress

I am sure that as a blogger you are wondering what better services blogger would offer its users in the face of Wordpress which many believe is the ultimate platform for blogging. Yes! That is quite right. Wordpress is a wonderful platform for every blogger considering all the fanciful teams that could be easily customized and the myriads of plugins that are available and also those that are been created almost daily to aid bloggers and webmasters.
However, there are still limitations to the Use of Wordpress as a blogging platform when it comes to SEO. Google is a ‘selfish’ company and like the natural law of self preservation says, ‘the self first’. So when it comes to SEO and page ranking you must choose carefully what to use and not just follow the bandwagon without any clear motive especially if you are on a low budget for SEO or a newbie in blogging as a webmaster.

Here are some 7 important reasons why you should choose blogger over Wordpress if you are blogger

1. Firstly, blogger platform is very simple to customize and any newbie can easily set up a blog using this platform’s many gadgets.

2. The blogger platform is directly linked to your Google plus account and this makes for better SEO since Google uses social media interactions as a ranking factor. Blogger makes it easy for your posts to be automatically sent to your Google plus account once you hit the publish button.

3. With blogger, there is no need to begin to apply for adsense if you want to monetize your blog. This can be a very great revenue earning platform for you if you have great contents in your blog.

4. As the doctrine of self preservation is not alien to Google, websites and blogs using the blogger platform rank higher in web searches compared to other sites suing other platforms including 
Wordpress. Although Google would never admit this, but there are overwhelming reports by most bloggers that blogger sites tend to outperform in SEO compared to similar sites designed elsewhere!

5. Bloggers who use the blogger platform do not need any hosting packages. Their blogs are self hosted by Google and can be customized to a specific country’s search results for higher SEO rankings. This I mean by having a site to be country specific such as .fr,, .au, .ng, .com, .it and so on.

6. You can easily point your blogger blog to a custom domain without many technicalities. All you need is just to register the domain with a registrar.

7. Statistics and site analysis is germane to every blogger. With the blogger platform you can easily monitor your site statistics and determine where your site traffic is coming from, number of pages visited, pageviews by browsers, pageviews by operating system, referring sites and referring urls.